Aquarius Rising was co-created / produced by myself, Jay and Amida back in 2017. Amida was in charge of the sound, Jay was managing the chill out, admin and the logistics, I was creating the brand and the live visuals as well as the technical side of the video installation.

It has been a huge success, it was always sold out in advance even being an alcool free and vegan event!

It is a good showcase of what I can do, and I would love to be able to create a new event in the same style somewhere on this planet soon…    so if you have any ideas of collaboration please be in touch!

Do you need live visuals for your event?

I can provide a live VJ set performance for your event, just imagine a live mix of visuals reacting to the music and the crowd…   I also have a dozen of professional video projectors with all the equipment to create stunning immersive installations and video mapping.

Alcool free event with custom made energy drinks, Aquarius Rising branded labels.

25 meters wide video wall for an immersive dancing experience.