I arrived in London in June 1990 after my stay at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. I took the opportunity to travel a lot and dedicate a lot of my time to painting and artistic creation. After my return from India in 1994, I started my career in multimedia and digital creation and started my own company You Are Not Limited, it allowed me to participate in a lot of music festivals in England as a VJ, creating lots of flyers, album covers, and posters for many festivals and events in England.

 During a stay in Brazil I created the first version of the Think Positive sticker, since there have been four versions and more than 4000 stickers created, we can find them in places on earth! …

I have traveled a lot in India, I filmed the Kalachakra. I crossed Tibet and made a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, all of this inspired my work and that’s why many of my creations have a very strong spiritual inspiration .

“You who seek will get answers only by having the right behaving. Not by having the right questions. Knowledge is a state of mind, a state of being, not an intellectual quest, even if you might need to think about it.
Behaviour is a mirror, being and having, the outside and the inside are the same. The source is inside, the source is the essence of life, the connection with God, the Universal Consciousness. Treat life as you want life to treat you. People, animals, elements. Protect and be protected, love and be loved, respect and be respected, feel and be felt, heal the outside to heal the inside.
Every soul is a universe and a part of a universe.
God is the Law of Karma, be and have.
Control what you have with what you are.
This is the path common to all paths.
Truth leads to happiness.
That will show you the way…”

Pushkar, India 19th February 1994.


In 1998, I created YOU ARE NOT LIMITED, a UK Ltd company specialised in multimedia productions for corporate clients.